If only I knew then what I know now……..

Back in high school, I took an electricity unit in my Grade 9 Science class.  I hated it, thought it was so dumb; and banged my head against a wall trying to learn it – because we had to.  I actually remember having an argument with my teacher and I can clearly recall saying “this is so dumb – when am I ever going to use this when I grow up?”  Guess what……whoever would have thought that I would have a 30-year career with an electrical utility and actually teach certain aspects of electricity. I was minimally successful in that class; I got a high enough mark to pass, as it overwhelmed me.  I hated it, didn’t think that I could be successful, along with the fact that I had absolutely no interest.  If only I had known then what I know now, think of how much more meaningful that class would have been to me.


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